In May 1999 we founded this association in order to give Haitians and persons of Haitian/St-Domingue ancestry easy access to the old civil registry records of the Archives Nationales d'Haïti in order to do their family tree. Our goal was very simple : enter all old civil registry records in a data base and display that data base on a free and public internet site. In order to reach that goal, we needed a laptop computer and a full time employee in Port-au-Prince for data entry. We asked the general public to help us finance this project. We didn't find our goal too ambitious : we needed $4000 US per year. We need $300 a month to pay the employee and the rest to cover the purchase of the computer and cover some small expenses like Web space rental.

With the money collected, we purchased at the end of september 1999 a Toshiba 2060CDS Laptop for $1999.99 Can, financed on 24 months. We also rent space on a Web server for 30$ Can. a month.

In early november 1999, we hired a person who began data entry at the Port-au-Prince archives. We offered this person a stable and permanent job. Our web site is visited by over 2000 people every month.

The computer arrived in Haiti on october 27 1999. Data entry is done with a Microsoft Access database This data base is now on line at We need your help to pursue this project.